Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Professionals of Probate Court Two

The outstanding feature of this office is each and every individual who works as a part of this courtroom team. I hope to see their own contributions to this site at some point.

I simply have the best personnel of any court in the state, and I'm proud to claim it. Intuition, good fortune, somehow I stumbled upon a great group of people - I'm daily thankful they're here. And, from all the feedback I receive, everyone shares my appreciation.

In the photo are: (top row) Martin ("Marty") Collins, staff attorney; Herb Schaefer, administrative assistant; me; Eddie Maldonado, bailiff; (bottom row) Eleanor ("Elie") Castillo, assistant court auditor; Liz McDevitt, court auditor; Rebecca Gonzalez, court clerk; Sue Bean, court investigator; Veronica Bowles, court reporter.

To reach these folk, or to learn about our court procedures, please refer to the information provided at the Bexar County website.

- Judge Tom Rickhoff

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