Wednesday, March 22, 2006

This Blog's Purpose

This blog has been created and will be maintained as interactive support for those professionals dealing with the wide variety of issues facing our Bexar County Probate Court.

Invited contributors will include not only attorneys appearing in our court, but others who are critically involved in the sensitive issues we must address.

Health care professionals, agency workers, and representatives of various charitable organizations all have important information to share.

As a statutory probate court, the court over which I preside has original and exclusive jurisdiction (together with Probate Court No. One) over this county's probate matters, guardianships, and mental health commitments. Eminent domain controversies are also heard here.

Some of the most emotional and life-altering decisions, therefore, are addressed in these first floor courtrooms. Because our work is so important, sensitive, and specialized, I would like us to share the educational material we feel is most significant. As an example, attorney Kelly Cross provided research about the syndrome associated with hoarders so I could understand the Adult Protective Services case we were hearing, or there may be research about the value of an oak tree in a condemnation case that would be helpful to the commissioners.

- Judge Tom Rickhoff

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